asap/ adam sokol architecture practice

We are a boutique architecture firm based in Los Angeles. 
We create spaces
of beauty and joy
based on the timeless fundamentals of architecture.   


Allen Apartments

An urban infill building proposes a model of living around daylight and a garden.

Arbeit Software

An office renovation for a tech startup finds the sublime in the suboptimal.

The Emperor Hotel

Making it rain in the desert, building an oasis of serenity.

Architectural Record, May 2024

Mathew Marani, “Flip Side”

Zhen Fund

Offices for a venture fund find their expression in glass bubbles of color and light.

Spring Park

An urban hanging garden for our time.

Venus Lounge

An otherworldly setting for delirium and conviviality.

Architectural Record, June 2019

Pilar Viladas, “Design Vanguard”


A fashion statement for the times.

West Side Bazaar

A new take on an old idea, reincarnating the bazaar for the modern era.

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