Venus Lounge

2019 - 2022

25 m2 / 250 ft2

This project was initiated in order to reconceive the interior design of an existing space. The client sought a space that would be an unfamiliar landscape which could challenge peoples’s expectations, so as to create unexpected social outcomes.

Inspired by aspects of physics and astronomy, the form complements the celestial theme of the larger project. Looming over the seating area, a highlight of the space is a custom-commissioned copper plate of the planet Venus, created in collaboration with artist Paul Taylor. Using the nineteenth-century copper printmaking technique known as photogravure, at 5 meters wide this is believed to be the largest such work ever created.

Architizer, A+ Awards; Architecture + Art, Special Mention, 2024

Mayer Rus, “Architect Adam Sokol Fashions an Otherwordly Hybrid Space in Beijing.”  Architectural Digest USA, February 2023​

designers: Adam Sokol, AIA, principal; Boris Morin-Defoy, principal designer; Breanna Browning, designer

collaborators: Stitch NYC (custom furniture), Renaissance Press (copper engraving)

photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud
©2024 adam sokol architecture practice