Allen Apartments

Buffalo, New York, USA
2016 - 2022

12,000 ft2 / 1,115 m2

Allen Apartments recreates the facade of a severely distressed historic building with an all-new structure behind containing 10 residential units. The project features a distinctive mixture of historic and contemporary construction, with a variety of outdoor spaces of differing scales, giving each unit a unique experience. The massing respects the historic structure by gradually increasing in size as it recedes from the street. The building also incorporates innovative, environmentally-friendly mechanical systems such as high-efficiency heat pumps and solar hot water. The project also builds on asap’s earlier work on adjacent parcels on this block, furthering the evolution of the historic district.

designers: Adam Sokol, AIA, principal; Michael Wysochanski, project architect; Daymond Robinson; Breanna Browning, Boris Morin-Defoy

collaborators: Siracuse Engineers (structural), Joy Kuebler Landscape Architects (landscape), Foit Albert Associates (civil)

photos: Brett Beyer, Alexander Severin

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